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Reporting Crimes and Other Incidents

1) When reporting a crime or incident the caller should:

  • Remain calm as possible and speak clearly to the Communications Officer
  • Be complete and accurate in giving details, as much as possible
  • Answer the Communications Officer's questions as best as possible
  • Stay on the phone until released by the Communications Officer or until the Police arrive at the scene and release the caller.

    Citizens are also encouraged to report any suspicious activity witnessed, paying attention to suspect descriptions and other details that may be helpful in the situation being careful to not place themselves in any danger.

2) Reporting Crimes and Emergencies

Reporting Emergencies

    Emergencies are defined as:

  • Any crime in progress (break and enter, robbery, etc)
  • Any situation where people or property are at risk (fire, children on ice, etc)
  • Any medical emergency (heart attack, accidental poisoning, etc)

    If you need to report an emergency - dial 911.  Stay on the line, stay calm and explain the emergency, as well as the full address where the emergency is occurring.  The address and telephone number from which you are calling is automatically displayed to the operator.  The 911 Operator will determine what you are reporting and dispatch the appropriate emergency services.  In the case of a medical emergency the Tahlequah Fire Department Rescue Squad will be immediately dispatched to your location and the 911 operator will transfer you to the ambulance service for our area.  The ambulance service will ask you for additional information and give you instructions on what actions to take.  Let the operator control the conversation and stay on the line until you are told to hang up.

    People reporting incidents that are NOT real emergencies often tie up the 911 emergency lines.  This can prevent people with real emergencies from reaching the help they require.  Teach your children that the telephone is not a toy and the importance of keeping the 911 line available for real emergencies.

    If you do not know if something that is happening is really an emergency - dial 911 and report what is happening to the operator.  If they decide it is not an emergency, they will simply ask you to hang up and call a non-emergency telephone number.

Reporting Non-Emergencies

    If you are reporting something to the Police that does not meet the definition of an emergency (listed above), then dial the Police Non-Emergency telephone number, 918-456-8801.  This can include circumstances that you feel are suspicious or crimes that have occurred and the offender has left and is not returning.  People reporting non-emergency incidents from time to time may be placed on hold.  Do not hang up, your call is IMPORTANT.  The operator is just busy handling an emergency call.

Reporting Suspicious Circumstances

    If you see something that you feel is suspicious - Take action and dial the police non-emergency telephone number.  The operator will take the information from you.  A detailed description of the suspect and /or vehicle will be required.  Without endangering yourself, obtain as much information as possible and pass it on to the police operator:


  • Race
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Height/Weight
  • Build
  • Complexion
  • Color of Hair/Eyes
  • Description of Clothing
  • Marks, Scars, and Tattoos


  • License Plate Number and State
  • Make
  • Model
  • The direction the vehicle was going when it was last seen