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Why Start A Neighborhood Watch?

    The community has the primary responsibility for fighting crime.  The most effective approach is stopping it before it occurs.  This can happen when neighbors cooperate with each other to assist the Police Department.  Neighborhood Watch members place stickers in their windows and post Neighborhood Watch signs on streets, warning criminals they are in an active neighborhood watch community, and that neighbors are watching out for each other.

    Should you have information regarding a criminal investigation or activity, please contact your local police department at 918-456-8801 or 911 for emergencies.

  • Remember your job is to report crime.  The responsibility for apprehending criminals belongs to the police.
  • The key to keeping a Neighborhood Watch group active is maintaining interest over time.  By getting everyone involved you will create a feeling of pride and the atmosphere of a small town, even if you live in a large city.
  • Neighborhood Watch can easily be adapted to meet your needs, wherever you live or work.  Active Neighborhood Watch groups can make changes, through their local officials, such as improving street lighting, increasing extra patrol and changing traffic flow patters.
  • Active apartment or multifamily dwelling groups can make changes by working closely with their landlords or building managers.  They can work together to improve lighting and security of individual units, as well as communal areas and develop new policies or practices to improve building or property security.
  • Make belonging to you Neighborhood Watch group enjoyable.  People will get involved and remain interested if the programs are fun as well as meaningful.  Use your imagination.  Schedule potluck dinners, organize clean-up campaigns or hold block parties.
  • The possibilities are endless when neighbors unite and work together.
  • Neighborhood Watch programs are the most effective means available for keeping crime out of neighborhoods.  It relies on the best crime fighting tool ever invented, i.e., a good neighbor.
  • Fortunately, good neighbors are found everywhere.  They live in houses, apartment buildings, urban, suburban and rural areas.
  • The Neighborhood Watch Program unites the police with local organizations and individual residents in a community-wide effort to reduce residential crime.  Neighbors working together with the police are a formidable crime fighting team.
  • Be a good neighbor and make your community sager by starting a Neighborhood Watch Program.
  • Anyone can participate in a Neighborhood Watch Program....especially YOU!