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Beer Licenses
License for beer on premises: $20.00
License for beer off premises: $10.00

Liquor Licenses
Retail Package Store These licenses are $900.00 to purchase and are due on June 30th each year.
Mixed Beverage License These licenses are $900.00 to purchase and are due on June 30th each year.

Both a county license and a state license must be shown to receive a license from the City of Tahlequah.

Firework sales require a $25.00 permit. A permit is required for both allowable sales periods:
December 15 - January 2 June 15 - July 6

Pet License prices are as follows:
Males: $21.50
Females: $3.00
Spayed Females: $1.50

Pets that are taken to the animal shelter without a license incur a $30.00 charge for feeding. Rabies shots are $10.00.

This is the permit required for residential sales. These permits allow a sale to be held for three consecutive days and are restricted to two sales a year at the same address or location, one every six months. A $5.00 fee is collected when license is issued. If a sale is rained out a new permit will be issued for use within the next 30 days at no charge. One sign is allowed for each sale but must be placed within 200 feet of the sale property. Public property and utility poles are not to be used to place signs.
Ordinance #9-402
A. No person shall hold, conduct, engage in or participate in any manner in a residential sale at any place within the limits of the City without first having obtained a license therefore. The issuance of a license under the provisions of this Chapter shall not exempt such person from the terms and provisions of any other ordinance of the City, and for the issuance of the license the City Clerk shall collect a fee as set by the Council.
B. A separate license shall be required for each location at which a residential sale is to be held, and no location shall be eligible for more than one license in any six (6) month period, and if more than one family group is participating in the sale, each family or group participating therein shall obtain such a license. (Ord. 687, 2-2-1987; amd. Ord. 688, 4-6-1987)
Ordinance #9-407
Not more than one sign or other device used for the purpose of advertising or otherwise calling attention to a residential sale shall be allowed for each residential sale license. The sign or device shall be located on the immediate premises where the sale is to be conducted, but in no event shall the sign or device be more than two hundred (200) square feet from the sale area. The display surfaces of such sign or device shall not exceed twelve (12) square feet on each side and shall be removed upon completion of the sale. (Ord. 687, 2-2-1987)

Existing Businesses
This is an annual permit businesses are required to obtain by January 31 of every year. The following information is required to issue an occupation license:
  • Name
  • Name of Business
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Type of Business

The fee collected for an occupational license is $25.00. These licenses may be purchased at the front desk at City Hall.

Click here for the Occupational License Application

New or Relocated Businesses
For new businesses or businesses that are relocating, an occupational license application must be filled out and an inspection is required.

To schedule an inspection, contact either:
the Building Inspector at (918) 456-0651 ext. 266
(or email at
the Fire Chief at (918) 456-2424 (or email at

You may pick up an application for all licenses at City Hall.