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Routine inspections must be scheduled at least one day ahead of the desired inspection date and may be scheduled between 8:00 am and 10:00 am, Monday through Friday by calling the City Building Inspector at (918) 456-0651 ext. 266, or stopping by the office at 201 East Delaware Street.

Emergency inspections may be scheduled at any time between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Inspections for emergency repairs done after working hours, on weekends, or on holidays, and require an inspection must be scheduled on the next work day between 8:00 am and 10:00 am.

Inspection requests may also be submitted by email.

Inspections requested by email must contain the following information:

1. Name of the person requesting the inspection

2. The address where the inspection is to be performed

3. The type of inspection you are requesting

4. The name of the person or company that performed the work

If you have any questions about an inspection or would like to schedule an inspection, please contact the City Building Inspector at (918) 456-0651 ext. 266.

Work inspected that does not meet the approval of the inspector is subject to a re-inspection fee of thirty (30) dollars.


  1. Any inspection which is not part of the normal inspection requirements, such as, but not limited to, evening, weekend, or holiday inspections, building sprinkler systems inspections, and consultation inspections. (Ord. 981-2002, 4-1-2002)

  2. The fee for all such special inspections shall be figured at at rate of one cent ($0.01) per the structures's total square footage, with a minimum of fifty Dollars ($50.00) per inspection. (ORd. 981-2002, 4-1-2002).

Work inspected that does not meet the approval of the inspector is subject to a re-inspection fee of thirty dollars ($30.00)


Prior to start of construction, all lots or parcels of land platted or un-platted shall have all property lines, easements, Right-of-ways, and building lines clearly marked by a registered land surveyor.


  1. Concrete footings shall have a minimum of one No. 4 bar at the top and bottom of the footing. Bottom reinforcement shall be located a minimum of 3 inches clear from the bottom of the footing by using approved dobies.

  2. Where a construction joint is created between a concrete footing and concrete or masonry stem wall, a minimum of one No. 4 bar shall be provided at not more than 4 feet on center. The vertical bar shall extend to 3 inches clear of the bottom of the footing, have a standard hook, and extend a minimum of 14 inches into the stem wall.


  1. Construction documents shall be prepared by a registered design professional and submitted with the building permit application for the following:

    1. One and two-family dwellings exceeding five thousand (5,000) square feet.

    2. Multi-family dwellings over two (2) stories in height, or that exceed eight thousand (8,000) total square feet.

    3. All commercial construction in excess of four thousand (4,000) square feet.

    4. Commercial buildings exceeding three (3) separate tenant spaces.

    5. All buildings and structures used for assembly purposes as defined by the building code currently adopted by the City of Tahlequah, prescribed in section 5-102 of this chapter.

  2. All constructions documents may be subject to the state fire marshal's approval. (Ord. 979-2002, 4-1-2002).