• Monuments/Memorials including specifications or any alterations must be pre-approved before ordering or placement.
  • Decoration is Memorial Day and clean-up will follow approximately one week after. 
  • Winter decorations are removed by March 1 each year.
  • Please minimize ground decorations during mowing season if possible.

Failure to comply may result in removal of memorial!


Anyone wishing to save winter grave decorations from the grounds of the Tahlequah City Cemetery need to have those decorations removed by February 20, 2014. Clean-up will begin immediately thereafter in preparation of the upcoming mowing season.

Tahlequah City Cemetery is open to the public daily from 8 a.m. until Dusk, exceptions may apply.

For rules and information, please call 918-456-0651 ext. 2228.


Cemetery plot: $250

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