Tahlequah Cemetery(JPG)

Moved from College Avenue in the late 1880s to its current location on West Fox Street, "a hilltop overlooking Tahlequah," the Tahlequah City Cemetery Back of Cemetery Aerial Viewholds more than 13,000 occupied and reserved plots on 30 acres of land.

Monuments and Memorials

Monuments/Memorials including specifications or any alterations must be pre-approved before ordering or placement. Failure to comply may result in removal of monument or memorial. 


  • Decoration is Memorial Day and clean-up will follow approximately one week after. 
  • Anyone wishing to save winter decorations, must have them removed by March 1 of every year in preparation for the upcoming mowing season.
  • Please minimize ground decorations during mowing season if possible.
  • Failure to comply may result in removal of decorations.