Parks & Recreation


The City of Tahlequah Parks and Recreation Department works to build, maintain and operate 15 different parks and recreation facilities within the City of Tahlequah. Employee Cleaning Pool(JPG) The department oversees nearly 160 acres and approximately 70 of those acres include Norris Park, Sequoyah Park, Felts Park, Ross Park, Kaufman Park, Southridge City Park and the Tahlequah Splash Pad. 


The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for maintaining and spotlighting the natural beauty of these facilities for leisure enjoyment. 

The department also focuses on the sporting and rental facilities, which include:

  • Armory Municipal Center
  • Brookside Center
  • Tahlequah Aquatic Center
  • Norris Park
  • Leoser Pavilion
  • Phoenix Ballpark
  • Anthis-Brennan Sports Complex
  • Tahlequah Skate Park 

**For Tahlequah Sports League or for information on the ballparks or soccer fields, please contact the Tahlequah Sports League directly.