Reserve Officers

About the Program


In May 2005, the Tahlequah Police Department began accepting applications for the newly formed Reserve Police Office program. Of the 18 applicants, nine were accepted for the Tahlequah Police Department Reserve Unit.

In January 2006, the reserve program began with Captain Tom Jones as the academy coordinator. The program is open to all neighboring communities. To obtain Reserve CLEET Certification, the officers were required a minimum of 160 hours of CLEET certified classes. In these 160 hours, many topics were covered including but not limited to: legal matters, report writing, firearms, custody and control, criminal investigations, and patrol.

On May 6, 2006, 18 officers graduated from the Tahlequah Police Department Reserve Academy. Of the 18 graduates, seven joined the ranks of the Tahlequah Police Department.

Current Members

There are currently 9 reserve officers, logging approximately 31 hours a month per officer, which exceeds the required 24 hours per month. Reserve officers donate their time and energy as a service to the community, and receive no compensation from the City of Tahlequah Police Department. The reserve officers assist full-time officers with special events, patrol, and other miscellaneous security assignments. Thus allowing for more visible officers on the streets, in turn providing a safer environment for everyone.

Thank You

The Reserve Officers would like to thank all the local businesses for their donations. Your help is greatly appreciated.