This year has marked a new chapter of NOPFA’s continuing desire to provide environmental and economical benefits to the counties, cities, and residents, in which it serves. The great State of Oklahoma is a major supplier of natural gas, by increasing the use of natural gas produced from Oklahoma wells, the State’s natural resources are being utilized in an effective manner, providing economic benefit to Oklahoma residents statewide.

  1. History
  2. Current Responsibilties
  3. Board of Trustees
  4. Fueling Stations
  5. Benefits

For nearly 58 years the Authority has successfully operated its natural gas system, today it continues its mission to bring natural gas and compressed natural gas to those who desire to utilize its benefits.

Trust Establishment

In 1958 under the innovative leadership of Dr. Harrell E. Garrison, President of Northeastern State University, the Trust was established under the laws of the State of Oklahoma to furnish natural gas, other services, and physical facilities needed or useful within the portion of the State of Oklahoma lying North of the Arkansas River and East of the line dividing Tulsa and Washington counties.

This area had been dependent on propane fuel, wood and electricity to heat homes, businesses, institutions. The purpose of the Trust was to furnish a source of low cost fuel so that this area and its inhabitants could grow and prosper.