Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is the judicial branch of the municipal government. This court has the power to only hear cases to determine whether a person has violated an ordinance of the municipality, meaning the accused person (a defendant) is innocent until proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.  

The City’s court has all the powers of the courts of the state.  The Constitution and statutes establish the authority and organization of the Municipal Court. Even so, each court operates independently and has its own local rules and protocols established by the Judge. The Judge of each Municipal Court may prescribe rules, consistent with the provisions of the article for the proper conduct of the business of the Municipal Court 11 O.S. Sect 27-114.

The City’s Municipal Court has 2 full time employees; one court clerk and one deputy court clerk and one part-time judge. Honorable Judge Donn F. Baker presides over the court with Jeannie Secratt acting as the head court clerk and Gina Champlain as the deputy court clerk.

In summation, it is not the mission of the Court to generate revenue for the City rather to increase our City’s confidence in the judicial system through improved quality of judicial administration in our Court. In carrying out our mission, the Municipal Court Staff strives to provide fair and expeditious resolution for our citizenry/defendants with integrity and respect.

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