Cart Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

This golf cart is hereby leased by the Leasor to the Leasee for the number of holes of play on the above date. The intent of this agreement is that the Leasor is hereby renting said property only.

It is expressly understood and agreed that Leasor shall not be liable for damages of any kind whatsoever, whether to person and/or property; and/or for loss of time; and/or any other loss arising from the use or operation of; or in any way connected with the said property or any part thereof from whatever cause arising. Leasee agrees to hold Leasor free from all such damages. The Leasee agrees to pay or reimburse the Leasor on return of the said property for all charges, incidental to all breakages, shortages or damages other than ordinary wear to said property during the term hereof.

Golf carts parked in a parking lot.

Leasee agrees to keep said property in Leasee's custody and not to sublease or re-rent said property. The full agreement between the Leasor and Leasee is contained herein and time is made of the essence of this agreement. The receipt of property in good order and repair is hereby acknowledged by the Leasee.

Cart Rules

  • No standing or riding on back of cart
  • Two adults per cart
Golf carts parked in a parking lot.
Golf carts parked in a parking lot.