NOV. 2 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m - LEOSER PAVILIONS (Morgan Street)

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What is Tahlepaws?

The Humane Society of Cherokee County was awarded a grant from PETCO to improve pet education and wellness upon the loss of some pets that were caught by City of Tahlequah Animal Control. The pets suffered from hookworms and since Animal Control has no prior knowledge of the health of any of the pets that come into the pound, HSCC chose to utilize the grant funding in an effort to resolve the issues related to pet health by educating the community of the dangers of parasites and provide free, preventative medication.

Can I bring my pet to Tahlepaws?

Short answer, yes. You need to know your pet's temperament in all situations (around other animals, children, crowds and noisy areas). If you do not know, it's best to leave them at home. 

-NO pets in heat

-NO vicious animals

-NO retractable leashes or leashes over six foot long

***You can keep collared and leashed pets inside your vehicle and utilize the drive thru option in the pet wellness area if you're uncertain. 

Below are several links about the event and educational materials to help your pet live a healthy life.

Tahlepaws 2019

Signs of Parvovirus

Four Cs of poop

Types of vomit


Human Society of Cherokee County


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Event sponsors and partners (2)

Please visit the City's Facebook page for updates on the event and other information regarding its Animal Control. 

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