Animal Control

The City of Tahlequah Animal Shelter provides a service to city residents by picking up dogs, cats and other animals that are at large, creating a nuisance or danger to the public. 

Animal Control officers are also available to remove deceased animals on roadways.

Pet Adoption

After a small period of time, animals are available for adoption through the City for a fee which includes cost for food that the animal was given during its time at the shelter, a pet license and a rabies shot, which is provided by a local veterinarian. The Animal Shelter does not spay or neuter animals.  

  • Female Dog or Cat - $41.50
  • Non-spayed Dog or Cat - $43.00
  • Male Dog or Cat  - $41.50
  • Non-neutered Dog or Cat - $43.00

Adopting a pet

To adopt a pet, print out the adoption application (PDF) and return the application to the cashier’s office at City Hall. 

Recovery of lost pets 

  • Owner must provide proof of rabies shot and City pet license
  • Boarding fee- $30
  1. Animal Control

    Physical Address
    1150 Woodard Ave.
    Tahlequah, OK 74464

    Phone: 918-456-1241

  2. Vicky Green

    Animal Control Officer
    Phone: 918-822-1969