Northeast Oklahoma Public Facilities Authority

"Oklahoma's Fuel of Choice"

This year has marked a new chapter of NOPFA’s continuing desire to provide environmental and economical benefits to the counties, cities, and residents, in which it serves.

NOPFA LogoThe great State of Oklahoma is a major supplier of natural gas, by increasing the use of natural gas produced from Oklahoma wells, the State’s natural resources are being utilized in an effective manner, providing economic benefit to Oklahoma residents statewide.

NOPFA's corporate responsibility efforts include:

  • Responsibility to do the right thing for our business and for the communities where we operate.
  • Leadership - seeking to be a leader in protecting the environment, so that our actions will benefit future generations.
  • NOPFA consistently provides one of the lowest natural gas rates in the state of Oklahoma.

Natural Gas In Oklahoma

Natural gas is an efficient, low-cost fuel, and it's in abundant supply in our state. It fuels heat our homes, cooks our meals, cleans and dries our clothes, produces hot water on demand, lights our yards, and even powers vehicles. It benefits our environment as well-natural gas is the cleanest and most efficient source of energy available.

COVID-19 Notice 

If at any time a customer is having difficulty paying their bill, NOPFA encourages the account holder to contact the office during normal business hours so our customer service personnel can assist them in making payment arrangements.  

If a customer is experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that they please refrain from coming to our location and make contact by phone, fax or email. 

Cold Weather Notice

Due to the extreme cold weather, natural gas market prices have rapidly increased. 

What's Driving Prices? 

Like any other commodity, the price of natural gas rises and falls in large measure based on how much is available and how much the marketplace demands. It's important for us in Oklahoma to understand that the prices we pay are tied to the national demand and economy.

Even though a great deal of natural gas is produced in our state, the majority of it is sold elsewhere. That means that factors such as weather (in the entire country, not just here) and the amount of gas in storage play a role in setting the market price. 

NOPFA has no control of the market. It is our responsibility to inform our customers that excess usage will result in an exceedingly high bill. We all need to conserve the best we can for the next week or until we are no longer experiencing frigid temperatures. 

  1. Northeast Oklahoma Public Facilities Authority

    Physical Address
    103 North College Avenue
    Tahlequah, OK 74464

    Phone: 918-456-6268
    Fax: 918-458-0336
    Emergency: 918-456-3591

    Office Hours
    Monday - Friday
    7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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