How do you sand / salt the streets in icy weather?

Street Department crews will begin treatment of roadways or snow removal with the following listed arterial streets:

  • Muskogee Avenue / Grand Avenue
  • College Avenue
  • Water Avenue
  • Bluff Avenue
  • 4th Street
  • Choctaw / Ross Street
  • Downing Street
  • Allen Road

The Street Commissioner or Street Superintendent will inspect the situation and determine the number of crews and the methods used. Once arterial streets, emergency department streets, hospital streets, and school streets (when in session), and nursing home streets are adequately treated for the snow or ice crews will move to collector streets.


From the intersection of Muskogee Avenue and Downing Street, Tahlequah will be divided into four quadrants. Northwest or Zone 1, Northeast or Zone 2, Southeast or Zone 3, and Southwest or Zone 4. Crews will work from this intersection outward in each quadrant. Periodic assessments will be made by the Street Commissioner or the Street Superintendent to determine effectiveness of the work. These routes will be followed unless an emergency situation arises. Emergency situations will be determined by the Street Commissioner in conjunction with the Street Superintendent, Police Chief, and Emergency Management Director.

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