Adopt-a-Creek is a cleanup campaign aimed at promoting citizen-based stewardship of our local water resources.

Waterway cleanup projects may create a sense of pride and establish a personal connection with nature. It’s a feeling of respect to water and land that encourages a person to go a step above and beyond what is required of them. The success of a creek cleanup event will depend on the organization and implementation of a creek cleanup project plan.

Keeping Tahlequah’s creeks litter free is a task that requires cooperation and participation from local residents. Creek cleanups provide opportunities for local businesses, civic organizations, churches, watershed associations, schools, scout groups and others. With your help, we will ensure Tahlequah’s water resources remain beautiful.

Time and effort spent conducting a cleanup event is valuable to you as well as the community. The Adopt-a-Creek Program requires groups to conduct a cleanup at least twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Additional cleanup events are encouraged!

Adopt-a-Creek Information Packet