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Land Disturbing Permit Application: For Sites Over an Acre in Size or Under an Acre in a Larger Common Plan of Development

  1. Type of Land Disturbance*
  2. Stormwater Management
    The Stormwater Program is responsible for ensuring Oklahoma's waterbodies are protected. City Ordinance, Parts 18, Chapter 4: Construction Activities requires a Land Disturbing Permit before the land is cleared.
  3. Are there any creeks, wetlands or tributaries on the property?*
  4. Additional Permits That May Be Require
    • 404 Permit from Army Corp of Engineers for any disruption of any dry or wet tributary or creek.
    • OKR10 Permit from DEQ for construction projects over one acre. Submit copy of SWP3.

  5. Required Documents from the Department of Equality
    An OKR10 Stormwater Construction Permit must be obtained from Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) prior to any land disturbance activity. A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) is required in the OKR10 permit. This includes a Site Plan depicting erosion control and hazardous material locations. The SWP3 must be approved by ODEQ and the City of Tahlequah Stormwater Manager prior to the issuance of this Land Disturbing Permit. Visit the ODEQ for more information.
  6. Please Provide the Following Documents
    • SWP3 (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan).
    • Site Plan showing property lines, building footprint, drainage and/or detention, scale and North arrow.

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  7. Your signature
    Indicates you acknowledge and agree to implement the City of Tahlequah ordinance Part 18; Chapter 3: Illicit Discharges, Chapter 4: Construction Activities, and Chapter 5: Post Construction Activities. The Stormwater Manager is responsible for site inspections. Action upon noncompliance includes: stop work order, ($1000.00) one thousand dollar fine, suspension of water supply or action s set forth in the ordinance.
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