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Sign Permit Application

  1. Legal Description of the Property
  2. Indicate the type of Sign to be Installed*
  3. (In square feet)
  4. Sign Will Be*
  5. Size of Display Area
  6. (In feet)
  7. (In feet)
  8. Sign Is*
  9. (In feet)
  10. Will the sign have internal lighting?*
  11. Will the sign have external lighting?*
  12. Are there any existing signs on the property?*
  13. (In feet)
  14. (In feet)
  15. is there a public park within 150 feet of the proposed sign?*
  16. Will the sign be located on a state highway?*
  17. Is there a residential district within 150 feet of the proposed sign?*
  18. This application must be completed and returned to the Inspection Department, along with 2 sets of construction plans for the proposed sign and 2 site plans showing:
    • Property Lines
    • Location of the Sign to be Installed,
    • the Distance from the Property Line.
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