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Street Closure Application

  1. If you are applying due to a Construction Project, please call the Street Department at 918-456-4661


    Each year the City of Tahlequah receives requests from individuals and groups seeking to utilize municipal streets or other municipal property for special events or activities that vary in scope, purpose, size and complexity.

    It is important to coordinate all matters of this juncture within the City of Tahlequah so municipal staff can communicate policies and guidelines and provide support to the organizers of the street closure and ensure public safety is preserved during operation.

    This municipality recognizes that these projects enhance tourism, culture, recreation, and education and provide opportunities for businesses in and around the City of Tahlequah. For ease of reference, this application will refer to all events and construction that require a temporary street closure.

    These policies and procedures are designed to help the organizers effectively use municipal resources to plan and successfully conduct their business within the city.

    The purpose of the Temporary Street Closure Application process is to incorporate in one form, policies and procedures used by various departments within the City of Tahlequah to process applications for all related endeavors.

    General Policies and Procedures


    1. All legislation, bylaws and regulation must be adhered to by the applicant.

    2. The applicant shall adhere to all temporary street closure policies and procedures. In the interest of public safety, failure to comply may result in the termination of all business specified by the applicant.

    3. The applicant agrees to complete the Temporary Street Closure application and acquire all necessary licenses from the state of Oklahoma and Cherokee County if any and provide copies of such licenses to the City of Tahlequah upon submittal of application.

    4. Applications must be received no less than 30 days in advance of the start date specified on the application.

    5. The Street Closure Committee is the principal contact for the application for a Temporary Street Closure Permit. They will initiate the process to approve or deny all applications submitted.

    6. The applicant or co-applicant must be present and available on-site for the duration of the temporary closure of the street or right-of-way.

    7. If the road closure has any impact on area businesses or residents, the applicant shall inform all businesses and residents in the area of the closure, by letter or hand-delivered memo at least 10 business days in advance of the first day of the temporary street closure. Applicant must disclose particulars and detour route (if applicable) upon issuance of the memo.

    8. If another facility is to be needed in addition to a temporary street closure you must request information from that department and pay any deposits and/or fees set by the City of Tahlequah. Please refer to the fee schedule located on the City of Tahlequah website. If Floyd H. Norris Park is being used, you must follow the ‘Floyd H. Norris Park Reservation & operating policy’.

    9. The applicant must submit a complete site plan and route map and must provide the location for the placement of portable sanitary facilities. (See page 2)

    10. Signs must be installed at the point of the closure and in advance of the location in both directions. Detour signs must be installed around the location of the closure. All construction closure plans, signage, and equipment must adhere to the City of Tahlequah code.

    11. Approval is contingent upon ensuring adequate emergency access at all times to the satisfaction of the Street Closure Committee. Barricades must be easy to remove to allow emergency vehicles to access the closed portions of the street. The Parks and Recreation will supply barricades to locations required and pick them up as supplied.

    12. The City of Tahlequah shall not be responsible for personal injury or damage. Or for the loss or theft of any articles of clothing or equipment of the applicant or organization, or anyone attending the event as specified on the application.

    13. The applicant is responsible for all damage to municipal property however caused, arising out of or during the use of the facilities under this application.

    14. Sidewalks will remain open to the public throughout the closure except for safety reasons.

    15. The applicant must obtain proper licensing from the state, county, and city if serving food.

    16. The City of Tahlequah will provide normal maintenance services. Any additional maintenance required by the applicant prior to, during, or following the event shall be at the sole cost and responsibility of the applicant.

    17. The City of Tahlequah reserves the right to amend, supplement, or change the General Procedures based on applicant circumstances.

    18. On a case-by-case basis, the applicant may be requested to attend a Street Closure Committee meeting.

    Certificate of Insurance and Hold Harmless Agreement

    The City of Tahlequah requires a Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of no less than one million ($1,000,000) dollars to protect the city against claims for personal injury or property damage that could occur because of the specified event. A copy of the certificate must be submitted with the completed permit application. ODOT also requires a Certificate of Insurance if the specified event occurs on ODOT's right of way.

    The City of Tahlequah reserves the right to set higher insurance limits depending on the type of activity planned during the specified event.

    The applicant agrees that they have read and understand the General Policies and Procedure for Temporary Street Closures and agrees to comply with all of the conditions.

  2. Event Timeline and Street Closure Information

  3. What time will teardown be complete?

  4. Secondary Permits Required

    Please Note: You are responsible for contacting the ABLE Commission, State, County, and City for licensing requirements.  A copy of the licenses must be on file with the Street Closure Committee before your event.

  5. Mark all that apply to the event:*
  6. Will the food cooked on site use the following:

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  7. Does your event include the use of fireworks or pyrotechnics?*
  8. Security, Barricade, and Parking Plans

  9. Using Security and/or Police?*
  10. If City of Tahlequah Police Department is requested, it must be approved by the Chief of Police

  11. Are City of Tahlequah barricades needed?*
  12. Contact the Solid Waste Department for Dumpster Rental Information. 918-456-8332

  13. Construction Projects

    Please read and acknowledge the General Policies and Procedures section of this Application before continuing.

    Construction Contractor Information

  14. General Information

  15. Notify 911 of the street closure prior to construction.

    Obtain City right of way Agreement from Planning Director.

    Closures that exceed the date applied for will be billed at $200 per day without prior authorization.

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