School Resource Officers

What is a School Resource Officer?

In 2004, the Tahlequah Police Department developed a partnership with the Tahlequah Public School system to place full time CLEET certified Police Officers in the schools.

SRO Christmas Shopping(JPG) A School Resource Officer, or SRO, is a law enforcement officer responsible for safety and crime prevention in schools. They help train and educate school staff members and students, develop safety plans and serve as a liaison between schools and outside agencies. 

School Resource Officers also participate in after school events and activities, such as the Boys & Girls Club of Tahlequah, provide security at athletic events, and participate in several school committees including; D.A.R.E., Crisis Management, Safe Schools and the student assistance program CARE Team. 

The officers frequently attend training in continuing education classes focusing on school safety, crisis management, bullying and crime prevention strategies.

School Resource Officer Duties 

  • enforcing municipal, state and federal laws
  • truancy
  • home visits with social workers
  • interaction with students on a daily basis by acting as mentors and positive role models
  • talking with students in the classroom about drugs, gangs, bullying and law related material
  • provide assistance and recommendations with school security and safety procedures to school administration

What School Resource Officer is at my child's school?  

  • Officer Randy Jordan: Greenwood Elementary School 
  • Officer Brian Stanglin: Tahlequah Middle School 
  • Officer Reed Felts: Tahlequah High School 
  • Officer Pam Bell: Heritage Elementary School 
  • Officer Elden Graves: Cherokee Elementary School
  • Officer Cody Warren: Sequoyah Elementary School 
  • Officer Marcus Sams: Central School Resource Officer