The City of Tahlequah Finance Department ensures that the City's financial resources are protected through sound financial management, including the allocation of resources consistent with community goals and providing timely, accurate, and reliable information assisting the City Administration and City Council in making informed decisions. 

The Finance Department is responsible for recording the city's financial activity such as reviewing and monitoring financial activity against the city's financial plan/budget, preparing financial statements, issuing payments, and providing purchasing and payroll services. 

The department works in partnership with City Administration and other City departments to develop budgets, implement control measures, and establish policies and procedures aimed at accurately accounting for, safeguarding, and maximizing the value of the City's assets.   

Monthly Financial Statements are available to view for prior months.

Budgets and Audits

Additionally, the department is instrumental in the compilation and information gathering of the City of Tahlequah Budget and Audits.

Open Records Request 

To ensure and facilitate the public’s right access to and review government records so they may efficiently and intelligently exercise their inherent political power, Tahlequah City Clerk, Whitney Shaw, provides access to City records through the Oklahoma Open Records Act

To submit an Open Records request, submit an Open Records Request form.  

  1. Marty Hainzinger


  2. Alan Chapman

    Finance Director

  3. Michele Collins

    Finance Support Officer

  4. Elliot Reif

    Purchasing Agent

  5. Becka White

    Encumbrance Officer

  6. Amber Payton


  7. Ashtin Hummingbird

    Finance Support Assistant