City Clerk

Historically, the City Clerk has played a dual role as the Clerk of the City Council and the Clerk of the City of Tahlequah. 

For the City Council, the Clerk attests to all laws and ordinances enacted by the City Council and is also responsible for keeping the minutes of the proceedings of the City Council.

As the City Clerk, the Clerk attests to leases and deeds of the City property, grants, agreements, bonds, tax notes, and other forms of obligations of the City. The City Clerk has charge of all papers and documents of the City that include executive and administrative orders of the Mayor.

The City Clerk is also the custodian of the Seal of the City of Tahlequah. 

DeAnna Hammons was elected as City Clerk for the City of Tahlequah in 2017.

Open Records Request 

To ensure and facilitate the public’s right of access to and review of government records so they may efficiently and intelligently exercise their inherent political power, DeAnna Hammons provides access to City records through the Oklahoma Open Records Act. 

To submit a Open Records request, submit an Open Records Request form.  

Agenda Request

To request an agenda, please fill out the online form.

  1. DeAnna Hammons

    City Clerk
    Phone: 918-456-0651 ext 2227

Council Minutes 1898