Rules & Regulations


The following Rules and Regulations are established for the safe and efficient operation of the Tahlequah Municipal Airport:

  • Any person desiring to use the Airport for revenue producing or commercial activities may do so only with approval of the Tahlequah City Council and in full compliance with the City of Tahlequah's Minimum Standards and Requirements for the Conduct of Commercial Aeronautical Services and Activities. 
  • A written lease, sublease or permit from the City of Tahlequah shall be secured.

General Regulations

  • Public Benefit. The Airport is operated by the City of Tahlequah for the use and benefit of the public under the authority granted under the laws of the State of Oklahoma.
  • Use. The Airport shall be open for public use subject to certain restrictions that may be necessary to protect the public and Airport property, and subject to certain requirements, fees, and charges as may be established without discrimination to any class of user.
  • Federal Air Traffic Regulation. Regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration for aircraft operated in the United States, as presently or hereafter effective, are hereby referred to, adopted and made a part hereof as though fully set forth and incorporated herein, and said regulations shall govern the operation of all aircraft on or about the Airport.
  • Obligation / Implied Consent. The use of the Airport or any of its facilities in any manner shall create the obligation and the implied consent of the user to obey all of the rules and regulations provided herein.
  • Indemnification. The privilege of using the Airport and its facilities shall be conditioned on the assumption of full responsibility and risk by the user thereof. The City, its agents, officers, and employees, assume no liability or responsibility, and shall not be liable or responsible other than as required by law, for any loss, damage, destruction, injury or death to any person or persons or to any property by reason of any accident, incident, occurrence or mishap of any nature whatsoever or from any cause whatsoever.
  • Damage to Airport. Any person causing damage of any kind to the grounds, fixtures, field lights, or any other Airport facility, whether through violation of any of these rules or through vandalism or any act of negligence, shall be liable therefore to the City of Tahlequah for the cost of repair or replacement as deemed necessary and reasonable by the City.
  • Authorized Representative. The City's Airport Manager shall be authorized to enforce these regulations and shall have the authority to take necessary and legal action to safeguard any person, aircraft, equipment, or property at the Airport in the interest of public health, safety or welfare.
  • Control and Parking of Vehicles. No person may operate a motor vehicle on the Airport in a careless or reckless manner. All motor vehicles are restricted from the runway except for emergency or runway maintenance vehicles. no vehicle shall be parked on the Airport except in those areas specifically designated for parking or as otherwise authorized by the Airport Manager and provided that such parking areas are clear of any area required for aircraft operations. The provisions of this regulation shall not be construed as a restriction on the parking of vehicles on any private or commercial lease holding located on the Airport provided that such parking does not obstruct the movement or operation of aircraft or other vehicles in adjoining areas and provided further, that such parking on the exterior of any private or commercial hangar does not occur for a period that exceeds 1 week, unless conducted in a space designated for long-term parking or otherwise approved by the airport manager. Use of long-term parking is to be coordinated with the airport manager.
  • Aircraft Parking. All aircraft parked on the Airport, whether temporary or permanent, shall be parked only in designated parking areas or such other areas as may be approved by the Airport Manager. The operator of each aircraft parked on the Airport shall be responsible for properly securing the aircraft to protect it and other aircraft from wind damage.
  • Aircraft Parking Fees. The registered owner, or his/her agent, of all aircraft permanently based on the Airport and parked in public aircraft parking ramp areas, will register their name, address, and telephone number with the Airport Manager and such persons shall be obligated to pay to the City any applicable tie-down fee for such use. For the purposes of this part, the term "Permanently Based" means any aircraft which is parked on the Airport property for a duration exceeding 30 overnight periods in any year.
  • Wrecked or Disabled Aircraft. The owner, agent, pilot, or operator of any aircraft which becomes wrecked or abandoned at the Airport shall be responsible for the prompt removal of the wrecked or abandoned aircraft, and any parts thereof. In the event of failure to comply with this requirement, the wrecked or abandoned aircraft, and parts thereof, may be removed by the Airport Manager under direction of the City, and any expense incurred by the City therein shall be assessed to the aircraft owner, agent, pilot, or operator.
  • Rental of Private / Municipal Hangar Space. Any person desiring a hangar for the storage of aircraft at the Airport shall be afforded an opportunity to obtain such a facility by the following means: 
    1. Rental of ground space from City for the construction of a hangar for storage of private aircraft
    2. Rental of municipal T-hangar space
    3. Rental of available hangar storage space from an Airport Fixed Base Operator. 
  • With the exception of option "C" whereby the rental policy will be in accordance with the rules of the applicable Fixed Base Operator, the exercise of options "A" and "B" will be by user request to the City or its Airport Advisory Board and such request will be honored on a "First come, first served" basis and in consideration of available space or facilities. The development, use and maintenance of such hangar facilities will be conducted in accordance with any applicable lease or rental agreement of the City.
  • Fire Safety. Every person using the Airport or its facilities in any way shall use the utmost caution to prevent fires. Such precautions shall include, but are not restricted to, the storage and use of flammable substances, compressed gas, smoking, aircraft fueling, and the prevention of litter accumulation in or about aircraft hangars, commercial buildings, or other Airport facilities. The Airport Manager shall have authority to restrict any Airport use, or enforce any precaution deemed necessary for fire prevention, provided that nothing herein shall prevent aircraft owners from fueling their own aircraft with their own equipment if conducted in observance of such restrictions as may be deemed necessary by the Airport Manager.
  • Substance Abuse. No person shall use or knowingly allow the use of the Airport for the purpose of unlawfully driving a motor vehicle or aircraft under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or any drug, or for the purpose of selling, serving, consuming, using, storing, transporting, keeping, manufacturing or distributing alcoholic beverages or any controlled substance, precursor or analog specified in the Oklahoma Statutes.
  • Advertisements. No person shall post, distribute, circulate or display any signs, posters, advertisements, circulars, or any other printed, painted, or written materials without first obtaining permission of the Airport Manager. Under no circumstance shall any such material of a political nature or that whose content may reasonably be considered offensive, be allowed on Airport property.
  • Animals. No person shall enter the Airport property with a dog or other animal unless such dog or other animal is restrained by a leash or cage. In no event shall any pet or other animal be allowed in the City's Airport terminal building nor in any public-use area, building, or facility unless such animal is required for the aid or assistance of a disabled person.
  • Smoking. No person may smoke within the confines of the City's Airport terminal building nor in any non-exclusive City-owned building or other facility except in such areas specifically approved by the City and designated and equipped for said purpose. As used herein, non-exclusive shall mean those areas, properties, buildings, or facilities owned by the City and not leased under agreement to another person or entity.
  • Use of Airport for Public Gatherings. The use of the Airport's common-use property, areas, and other facilities for public meetings or other gatherings of a non-commercial nature shall be allowed where such gatherings are not incompatible with the purposes and operations of the Airport, provided that certain nondiscriminatory rules, restrictions, and fees may be imposed by the City as it deems necessary for the safe and efficient use of the Airport. Requests for such meetings or other gatherings shall be directed to the Airport Manager and where deemed necessary, forwarded to the City's Airport Advisory Board for approval or recommendation to the City.
  • Enforcement. Any person using the Airport and its facilities in violation of any of these rules and regulations or refusing to comply with all sections therewith, may upon hearing by the Tahlequah City Council, be deprived of use of the Airport and its facilities for such period of time as may appear necessary for the protection of the public welfare and property.