Policy & Use

Airport Policy & Use Advisory Bulletin

The following information is supplied in an effort to help advise active and prospective users of Tahlequah Municipal Airport about certain requirements and policies affecting the uses and development of the Airport.

It shall be the obligation of the user to be fully informed and in compliance with the policies and requirements identified herein. Copies of these policies can be reviewed and assistance obtained from the Tahlequah City Clerk, Tahlequah Airport Manager, or Chairman of the Tahlequah Airport Advisory Board.

  1. General Use
  2. Aircraft Tie-Down Fee
  3. Private Hangar Lease
  4. Municipal T-Hangar Lease
  5. Commercial Activities
  6. Vicinity Height Restrictions

General Use of Airport

  • Title - "Rules and Regulations of Tahlequah Municipal Airport."
  • Applies to - All users.
  • Provisions - Regards general rules and regulations for airport users pertaining to property uses and restrictions including vehicle parking, public gatherings, smoking, etc.
  • Application - N/A, see Airport Manager for information.